Ashley Castillo

Throughout Ashley Castillo’s work, patterns and textures have always been a component being influenced by her encounters within nature. One of Castillo’s main inspirations is David Hume who believes we go through life creating these bundles of impressions to try to piece together our findings in the world. She looks at the process of generating and using textures as another way of creating impressions for users to gather. Adding this sense of tactility to her work creates a greater sense of humanistic design that allows users to create a connection. When working on a project, Castillo takes what she finds in her research and starts generating as much “stuff” as she can. There’s a joy that comes when experimenting with new techniques, even if she has a feeling they might not work out for that particular project. Whether it be drawings, photographs, or typographic experiments, she creates a system to use throughout the project. The openness to mediums is one of the many reasons she fell in love with Design. As a creator, she’s constantly finding herself asking “what’s next?” and even though the answer isn’t always easy to get to, she uses design as a tool to get there.