Erin Konomos

Erin Konomos is a Kansas City based graphic designer, illustrator and photographer. As a soon-to-be KCAI alumni with a journalistic background, Erin aims to create a portfolio full of whimsical dialogue between her work and the viewer. The inspiration behind her playful style often comes from her love for literature, history, travel, florals, and fashion. Always beginning with an analog approach, she has found that final deliverables need to begin with unlimited ideation in order to understand the many approaches one can have towards the one goal in mind. Graphic Design allows Erin to focus on many media in order to find the best solution, which is what initially intrigued her to follow this path. Constantly aiming to learn, she hopes to work with a variety of clients with different needs. This gives her the opportunity to adapt and change perspectives within each project she will be faced with. Erin hopes to keep switching out her design-hats and create something new every day.