Steven McDonald

“Design is often about clarification and consolidation. It’s the deliberate approach of taking information, often complicated and dense, and making it easier to digest. Also, there is the economy of design, the act of simplifying and editing, getting rid of what is not essential while keeping what is vital. At the same time design can also be expressive, explosive and provocative.”

Steven describes himself as a hybrid designer, often using experimental type, composition, illustration and motion in his work. Unsettling, dynamic, and powerful are words that describe what he strives to achieve in all forms of work that he produces. He has never been drawn to traditional standards and definitions of beauty. He finds beauty in expressions of transformation through pain and struggle. Steven often uses high contrast, rich darks, and vibrant colors in his work. His ultimate aim is to create visually compelling works of design and media that have a lasting, emotional effect on the viewer.