Y Pham

Y Pham is a Kansas City based designer originally from North Carolina. She moved to KC for a different environment to see what it would be like to start over. Coming from an illustration and fine arts background, Y has found that a cross-disciplinary approach is what gives life to her work. From deep research to conceptually driven pieces, what Y seeks within her design is to engage in a dialogue with her audience, to push past simply having design live within a given environment. Design speaks to both personal and universal experiences, and that is what is so powerful about it. Her current line of work aims to create empathy and engagement with her audience, to weave connections between her personal experiences to ones that are universal. Engaging in topics such as the refugee crisis, the immigrant experience and language learning, she seeks to answer questions derived from her own experiences as a Vietnamese immigrant and POC in America, to create designs that are meaningful, and inspire a response.